1. Getting hammered on my iPod at the moment .Guy J.
    Disclaimer: The sounds I listen to are not to most peoples tastes !

  2. No wonder I have had a few sore heads recently #beer #belgium #rochefort #maredsous #gludendrak (at Wallasey Cricket Club)

    No wonder I have had a few sore heads recently #beer #belgium #rochefort #maredsous #gludendrak (at Wallasey Cricket Club)

  3. zakialigrant:

Justice for the 96


    Justice for the 96

  4. Day Two Crimpiau via Capel Curig
    Camping in the shadow of Moel Siabod I woke up to find the tent covered in a hard frost I did find my 3 season down sleeping bag was struggling.I was outside (the dog and wife inside the Camper !)
    Anyway it soon warmed up and we had breakfast and headed off back to Crimpiau via Capel Curig ..Not as long as the previous days walk but still a very nice 5 hours in the sun.
    Probably some of the nicest views in all of Snowdonia and I saw two people over two days,a really peaceful place.
    Finished of with a pint of Purple Moose Madog in Tyn y Coed.

    Footnote> Not sure I like this Fujifilm X100s I seem to be having White balance issues in ‘Auto’ which I never had on the 100…..PS I have now sussed this issue ..I have knocked the WB button twice now it was set to the ‘shade’ setting …

  5. Day 1 Crimpiau from Trefriw
    We decided to have a night away in Snowdonia and I took off in the camper van with our dog with my wife following on later after work .So we headed for the village of Trefriw in the Conway Valley with the aim of a long walk to a hill called Crimpiau taking in various ridges along the way. Starting with Creigau Gleision, Craiglwyn, Moel Ddefaid,Craig Wen then Crimpiau.
    The weather was warm and not a soul about although not ideal light for taking photographs ..so they are more ‘snaps’ than anything.
    It was a slightly sad day.At 1500 I found a nice place to stop and have a quiet reflection for the victims of the Hillsborough football tragedy.25 years on it still feels quite raw.
    We spent 6 hours out and I had a healthy glow at the end of the day.
    What a great wild part of North Wales.

  6. North Wirral coast:
    This mornings walk along the beach and sand hills with the dog on the North Wirral coast.

  7. Daniel Zvereff..


    I really enjoy what this talented guy does and he’s just updated his website with his latest travel adventures with drawings and photographs. I have linked him before so heres the update.

  8. Going back in time to March 2010

    March 2010 when after a nearly 10 year hiatus I popped a roll of Iford FP4 into my old Nikon FM2 and these shots are a selection of that roll. I just shot some random images to see how they turned out since then I have steadily shot more film. And have enjoyed it !
    That said I do love using my Fujifilm X100 which is discreet ,turns out superb quality images,can shoot in pretty difficult light when I would struggle with using film although it can be done with some specialist films Ilford 3200 etc.
    Fujifilm with their small quality cameras have stolen a march on the BIG Nikon and Canon DSLR’s in recent times…but that’s another story.
    Anyway why film? late 1996-ish I had most of camera gear stolen and lost these: Olympus OM1,OM2n, OM4 ( all classics) .All that was left was a Nikon FM2 and so I drifted out of taking pictures with the exception of some family stuff with a Minolta film point and shoot which I lost pissed in 2000. I picked up a crappy Nikon Coolpix about circa 2005,my first digital camera.Film I thought had become consigned to history.

    I am not that great at taking images never have been,it was always about documenting things in my life but I do like to try and capture/see a better picture than your average person does or at least try ;-)
    I started getting back into taking pictures again and ‘upgraded’ to a Canon 450D DSLR. After a few months it occurred to me ..What a shit camera !!! Why it took a few months for me to suss this, fuck knows .Plastic crap full of gimmicks and a lens full of distortion.Dreadful.

    Thats when I picked up the Nikon FM2 again. Focus, two dials to move ..take your picture .. built like it was to last which it was and has!
    Pick up any 1970-80’s Japanese Camera or a 1950-60’s Leica to see what I mean..Maybe that’s some of the attraction for me .You won’t be doing that with today’s modern cameras in years to come.

    I cannot be arsed getting into the debates some photographers get into over Film v Digital because A) It does not matter and B) quite frankly it bores the tits off me.THERE IS ROOM FOR BOTH ..Well it is in my world and I am glad I took the plunge in 2010 and popped that FP4 into the back of the FM2.

  9. Hanoi..Again..
    I posted up some images from my visit to Hanoi recently and I had a fair bit of interest therefore decided to upload one last set of images from the visit.
    The images are a mixture of negative film and digital,

  10. Lord Leverhulme’s estate: Just looking back at some images from last September whilst out walking around The Wirral with the hound.