1. A Chilled but hot afternoon on Yr Aran

    Sometimes I have an agenda in the hills, exploring somewhere new ,hoping to get a decent image in moody conditions, clear my head or just walk the dog etc,etc
    Occasionally in the summer on a warm day I like nothing more than find a quiet hill top and spent an hour or so there,kick off my boots lie back watch the clouds swirl about and listen to the gusts of the wind.Its all very therapeutic.
    That happened yesterday,In fact I nodded off.
    It was a slog in the heat going up ..as fast as I was drinking water I was leaking it out ..but a nice coolish breeze awaited on the summit of Yr Aran.
    Bright sunshine is usually not very good weather to take images in the hills ..I much prefer autumn,however quite liked the cumulus clouds over Snowdon.

  2. Leica M3 2nd Test roll Various shots.
    I had light leakage on my first roll of film with the M3 and decided to tape the rear door up which has appeared to cure it although there is something going on with the glass plate on a couple of shots..So its gone in for a service.
    Still very impressed with the camera ,now looking forward to getting it back and using it properly instead of taking shots that I can afford to lose.
    On a side note I love the detail of Fujifilms Neopan 100 film , brilliant :-) just highlights why I am a big fan of it.

    Configuration: Leica M3 ,Summicron 50mm rigid,Neopan 100

  3. Grand depart:Yorkshire 2014
    Last week we spent five days in Yorkshire dales camping combining a bit of a break with watching the Tour de France spending three days in Appletreewick and two in Ilkley.
    There has been lots written by the media about the TdF whilst in Yorkshire,all I’ll say it was fucking brilliant!
    I took my bike and it was a pleasure to ride in the Yorkshire dales on some of the nicest roads I have ever ridden on ..tho not sure pleasure is the right word to describe how I felt riding up a near 20% gradient ….offtttt I can still feel that burning sensation in my legs and lungs.

  4. I was wreck diving this weekend out of the very small fishing village of St Abbs near Eyemouth on the East coast of Scotland.
    I had 5 minutes to grab some shots before we left for home „giving the Fuji X100s a chance at shooting jpegs .I felt they came out well ,shots a little obvious fishing port style though.

  5. A picture from my weekend:
 Friendly cows near the beach at Porth Neigwl on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales.

    A picture from my weekend:
    Friendly cows near the beach at Porth Neigwl on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales.

  6. An unfair comparison perhaps. A view down Ogwen valley taken with film and digital I really like both,film is still doing OK though in this modern age .

  7. Cadair Idris II :
    Some images from back in March. Mucking about with Fuji Neopan film and a red filter.
    A great day out! And a nice couple of pints at the Cross Keys pub

  8. Lord Leverhulmes estate: An afternoon walk with the hound.
    Highlight of the walk watching three hares boxing and playing together.
    Lowpoint: Being stung on the tip of the ear whilst getting too close to a bee hive. Fuck it hurt!

    Configuration :Nikon FM3A 28mm and 50mm with orange Hoya filter and Neopan 400 film.

    PS I need to load up a camera with some Kodak portra colour film.

  9. With my wife Fiona in Spain I decided to go into Wales on Saturday despite the crappy weather forecast. Packed the van and by the time I had hit Deeside it was pouring.
    I headed up to Crimpiau near Capel Curig and it was shrouded in mist by now the rain was like stair rods ..We cracked on reached the summit at 575m I took a few images but it was that bad I only only took a few even that I have to send the X100 back to Fuji as the damp got into the EVF and will not work in the view finder..Bollocks and an expensive Crux Flak waterproof jacket leaks in the chest pockets as well.Not impressed.
    Despite the rain we had a good time and shot down to Hells mouth beach stopping on the way for refreshments in the ‘Sun’ Pub at Llannengan,Parked the van up near the beach then went for another walk. A meal with some Belgian Trappiste friends and bed.On the beach !
    Sunday It was beautiful and headed up to Porth Oer and Porth Lago ..Have to say Lleyn Peninsula is a wonderful part of the world.
    So a day chilling on the beach at Porth Lago and exploring ..Excellent weekend.

  10. I was rooting about for something I mislaid .AGAIN. and had my film stash out ..Turns out I’m a bit of a Neopan 400 fiend .. and Amazon dropped this book through my door yesterday .Larry Burrows and Henri Huet were at the top of their game in the 60’s they would be old men now .The book is well worth seeking out .